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Wednesday Morning Water Cooler Moment!

I don’t have a favorite restaurant. I don’t have a favorite food or type of cooking. I do love to eat. I do enjoy the restaurant experience. I easily attach a necessary life function and the potential enjoyment that can come along with the experience. Pleasant, attentive service does make a difference if some aspect of the meal is less than satisfying. Yes, give me a soda when I eat a burger at your fancy steakhouse! Do not offer me a low-fat dessert if I did not request it! We all have an idea of what we prefer when we eat …and leadership is no different. The same way that a bowl of oatmeal and cup of coffee gets us through the early morning, a light snack gets us to lunch, and lunch becomes the main meal or the setup for dinner, how and what we consume from leadership sustains the purpose of our lives.

Yes, leadership sustains purpose. Don't think so? Discuss.

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