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Pressure Checking Leadership!

As important as it is to know what it is that we are good at, it is equally important to know what it is that we are not good at in our leadership roles.

How do you respond to a follower that expresses a problem with your leadership style? How do you address the areas where you know that you are weak?

The purpose of 360° self-evaluation is to keep us mindful of our personal style pros and cons. Those reflective moments of revelation that clearly state, “I am not a communicator” or “I am not a particularly strong motivator” or “I am not a strong planner” are quite healthy if they result in meaningful, productive response.

Meaningful, productive response looks different for each of us. I have found that in my own 360° self-evaluation that I can trust a very small circle of counsel that will objectively analyze my shortcomings. This circle speaks to my internal and external agendas and my spiritual as well as intellectual, emotional, and psychological stimuli. They are my self-appointed checkers and re-checkers that validate and occasionally invalidate my perceptions of my leadership. At the base of the relationship with this counsel is trust. Who do you trust to analyze your flaws?

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