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Cummings Consulting's motto is simple: Demand excellence.

Cummings Consulting LLC is committed to helping organizations grow. Our mission is to provide systems and processes for effective solutions. Our motivation is derived from the strong belief that we are what we constantly do. That foundation leads us to our expertise and passion for creating and developing consistency within systems.

Mason Cummings
Founder and Principal

Mason Cummings earned an advanced Master's degree (Ed. S) for Educational Leadership. He also holds a Master's degree (M. Ed) in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.

Mason's experience includes:

  • More than 15 years of effective experience in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and developing employees.

  • Successfully planned, developed and implemented site-based improvement initiatives, based on SWOT analysis.

  • He has been a school teacher and principal in the field of education, a supervisor, trainer, and site manager in industry, and consultant in both fields.

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