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Friday Eve and Leadership 101

The setting you establish in executing your role creates an expectation for your audience. In the same way that a high-end steakhouse experience carries a much different expectation than that of fast -food, servant leaders must have the capacity to consistently meet and exceed expectations. In short, excellence must be demanded whether it be an exotic appetizer or glass (or cup) of water that is being served. An atmosphere of excellence is as infectious as it is productive. Hearts and minds willingly flock and follow a consistently excellent service offering. How many times have all of us visited a new or exotic restaurant or business or church or social venue based on word of mouth about excellence of service? Think about how actively engaged you were in that very first experience - - the parking lot when you drove up, the vibe you got from the building upon entry, the décor, the sounds, the smells and how they all compared to your mental picture of what it would be based on what you had heard.

You had expectation… remember this for those you serve.

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