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Purpose + Leadership - Vision = Failure

There are serious ramifications for a lack of vision or failure to share vision from leadership. Unclear vision opens the door to interpretation and opinions that have too many negative possibilities to even mention. Organizational culture suffers erosion at its foundation where vision is cloudy. A lack of clarity engenders questions that promote strife throughout teams, families, and organizations. Individual purpose and group goals are displaced by skepticism and selfish agendas as top priorities where vision is poorly relayed. Companies fail, families fail, teams fail, and organizations crumble where there is a failure to relay the vision of leadership.

However, clear vision has helped the most successful businesses, franchises, families, and organizations survive and thrive as culture has shifted through wide extremes of tastes and preferences… why shouldn’t your approach to execution of your leadership roles?

What do YOU want from you? Even the most dedicated soccer parent volunteer coach has to have an end goal… or you have cheated impressionable minds and hearts of the invaluable lessons that team sports provide.

What do YOU want?

Is it to win a few games or a championship?

Then what did you do to set your team up for success?

Did you want to teach teamwork and unity within diverse community? Great, now how did you prepare to do that?

How do you KNOW you want it?

Purpose is powerful but understanding THE source of that purpose is actual power.

Clear vision empowers leadership and sustains purpose. #leadership#community#success#culture#peoplefirst#humancapital

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