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Monday Musing...

Vision is the most important element of any leader’s ability to serve. It possesses a beautiful power to create expectation! To dig one more level deeper, shared vision is the actual straw that stirs expectation! Consider, as Americans, we get excited at the election of a new President. Their fresh perspective draws us to the television and polls and we respond with a vote of confidence to lead us. However, it is the President’s ability to share their vision that earns them a second term. There is power in association with successful leadership… we ALL want to be on the winning team!

Clear vision has helped the most successful restaurant franchises survive and thrive as culture has shifted through wide extremes of tastes and preferences… why shouldn’t your approach to execution of your leadership role? What do YOU want from you? Even the most dedicated soccer- parent- volunteer- coach has to have an end goal… or you have cheated impressionable minds and hearts of the invaluable lessons that team sports provide.

What do Y-O-U want? Is it to win a few games or a championship? What did YOU do to set your team up for success? Did you want to teach teamwork and unity within diverse community? Great, now how did you prepare to do that? How do you KNOW you want it? Purpose is powerful but understanding THE source of that purpose is actual power.

It's gonna be a great week!

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