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Monday Measurement?

Personality and character. Meat and potatoes. Great dining experiences are ultimately a combination of all the little things done exceptionally well. A leader that embraces this notion understands the importance of creating an appetizer, continuously improving their entrée, developing their dessert offering and ultimately, expanding their menu.

But what sets you apart?

Were you assigned to your leadership role?

Was it part of a job promotion?

Did you appoint yourself?

Did you inherit the leadership position?

How you acquired the leadership role matters… personal investment is everything in the evolution of a leader!

How often have we witnessed massive failures from leaders that simply were not personally invested?

Character reveals the agendas, motives, and intentions of our hearts. Character also reveals our attention to detail… how we handle the “little” things is an indicator of our maturity easily observed and critiqued by the people we serve.

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