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Leadership and the Chef

During a fine dining experience, I have always noted how we fill the space between completing our order until the finished meal preparation. There is conversation and a range of emotions from excitement to frustration to hope to angst that, I believe, fuels the appetite… no matter how we feel, we still need to eat!

Leaders, your charges want to be lead. We want to follow greatness... not simply follow for the sake of it. For any leader, one can imagine no greater disappointment than to have successfully created ambience, offered an attractive menu, and failed in preparing the meal itself. Apply this to your leadership role. Can you cook?

Have you ever noticed the synergy between charismatic preachers and their musical accompaniment? Even the most subtle of movements inspires a sound that becomes a moment that sweeps through the congregation, and we are on our feet without thinking about it. There is certainly beauty in the spontaneity of that moment but there is also power in preparation.

Knowing what to do and how to do it and when to do it is as powerful as any utensil in your kitchen.

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