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Dare To Be Different.

Dare To Be Different!

I believe that the power of one’s persuasion lies in a deep conviction towards a specific cause, ideal, or course of action. Persuasion begins in the mind and rests in the heart. It is that same heart that flavors of our preparation… we build a philosophy. Developing a philosophy as we perfect our craft is another brick in the foundation of our leadership development. Knowing who we are is as important as understanding what we are. Think, say, and believe the notion that “My heart is expanding as my mind and my knowledge, and my investment deepens.”

Being the coach, manager, supervisor, director, CEO, Pastor, chairperson, or elected official is honorable within its assignment but lasting power and impact welcomes those of us willing to unlock the maximum potential of our role. It’s akin to discovering cinnamon after a career of cooking only with salt and pepper! Expanding your heart also expands your reach, empowering your ability to persuade.

Expanding the heart is an intentional component of maturation. A deliberate move to experience new sensations, new environments, new people, and new challenges is the activation of purpose for each of us willing to do so. Broadening our minds is an expansion of the heart. It’s our intent, motives, and agendas that either enrich or corrupt our experiences. Those experiences build our philosophical and spiritual convictions.

I enjoy watching interviews of sports coaches with sustained records of success. They invariably have a conviction towards what led to their success and build their preparation around that conviction. You hear things like “we run the football,” or “we play solid defense,” or “we are fundamentally sound.” The execution is the result of strong, consistent preparation. Success is the result of recruiting well, drafting players systematically, developing a support staff that buys into the leadership vision, and clearly communicating goals and milestones.

Leaders, build a philosophy!

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