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Anticipation! Articulation! Adaptation! Accountability!

The gospel of organizational development according to Cummings Consulting LLC:

Anticipation! Articulation! Adaptation! Accountability!

To all of our business, industry, and school leaders... Adaptive leadership is the ONLY way to get "It" done!

Whatever your "It" is, adaptive leadership is necessary to release the power of NEXT for your organization!

There is no greater example than our current reality of HOW business gets done, HOW education is evolving, and HOW leadership is responding. The "why" and bottom line of leadership and results have not changed but the methodology of "how" certainly has.

I was reading an article from the Harvard Business Review was struck by the relevance of leadership styles and all of those grad courses we took about it from years ago!

What kind of leader is managing your day-to-day operation?

Who is teaching your children?

Who is ensuring the effective impact of pedagogy at their site?

Who is auditing the training program at your business?

Who knows and decides what "next" looks like for your organization? Does anyone else know...

Cummings Consulting LLC is here to bridge the gap of writing your organizational vision and making it plain.

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