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Leadership & Reflection!

You are the living, breathing version of your leadership menu. There is a particular “something” about you and your spiritual anatomy that either draws people to you or drives people away from you.

Who is in your inner circle? What does your circle do for you?

Are you pushed and challenged? Are you the “alpha” of your crew?

Are you even respected in your circle?

How do you know?

What is it about your leadership style that that sets the mood of the consumer for more?

How do you “hook ‘em” with your version of an inspirational or motivational appetizer? As I have matured, one of the things that I have grown more comfortable with is the fact that I am a fairly solid individual capable of innovative thought and I generally have something of value to contribute to an intelligent conversation. While that self-awareness is certainly not earth-shattering, it is an acknowledgement that eliminates the need for validation from others. I have value. My thoughts have value. My words have value…

I am often struck by the lack of self-awareness by those in leadership roles and positions!

How is it possible that leaders don’t know their value?!?

How do you NOT know what you’re good at or the areas in which you excel?

The menu that is your life is FAILING at the point of the appetizer when you are NOT aware of what you do well...

Plan. Do. Check. Adjust!

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